Parents partenaires en éducation

Parents partenaires en éducation (PPE) has been working with parents since 1940.

PPE is a provincial organization that acts as an advocate for the parents whose children attend French language schools in Ontario.

PPE is managed by an elected board, consisting of twelve parents; each representing one of the twelve francophone school boards, both Catholic and Public, as well as a chair. Through partnership, Parents partenaires en éducation is committed to inform, sensitize and equip parents to reaffirm their role as primary educator.

Through a network of parents and partners, PPE is a source of reliable information and provides opportunities for exchange and learning for parents – via the conversation program, meetings, annual conference as well as practical tools and a rich Website.

PPE’s office is located in Ottawa.



Since 1940 a provincial association of parents has existed, with membership coming from various local associations and francophone parents’ groups and various affiliations. Over the years, the name of the groupe and certain strategies have also changed:

1954 – Fédération des associations de parents et d’instituteurs de langue française d’Ontario (The Federation of Associations of French language Parents and Teachers of Ontario), was chartered provincially and incorporated.

From 1955 to 1989 the federation grows from 75 affiliations to 239. In the beginning, the role of the group was to communicate and provide documents and information.

At the annual general meeting of 1990, the organization and its members decide a change of name might be appropriate and it officially becomes “La Fédération des associations de parents francophones de l’Ontario.” (The Federation of Associations of Francophone Parents of Ontario)

In the year 2000, the newest name is adopted, and to this day, the organization is proudly known as PPE, Parents partenaires en education.

The latest innovations for PPE have been underway since 2006, when PPE began orienting its strategies towards several key areas. They include recruiting and retention of students in French language schools, the reinforcement of parents’ skills in school councils to increase parental and community engagement, as well as growing awareness in the Franco Ontarian identity by participating in such important strategies as preschool needs and the integration of bilingual (exogamous) families.

PPE’s priority projects and activities revolve around the following topics and strategies:
– Reinforcing the skills of PPE and its members
– Exogamous families (bilingual)
– Preschool age strategies (needs)
– New Canadians (French language immigrants)
– Franco-Ontarian Identity and awareness

By way of partnerships, PPE commits to informing, training and raising awareness for all parents in being leaders in their role as first educator of their children.

PPE is the official voice and resource in Ontario for all parents having rights to French language education.

Work closely in collaboration with our partners in education
Equip parents in their role of partner in education
Be the representative provincial voice of the parents

PPE’s clients are the parents of children, having the right to French language education in Ontario, according to the definition in article 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

PPE accomplishes its mission by being strongly involved with the French language communities, acting as the voice of parents, making available various resources and tools for parents, facilitating partnerships and alliances and functioning as a learning organization oriented on results.

The values espoused by PPE and its network are credibility, openness, loyalty, honesty, integrity, engagement, responsibility, visionary, respect, listening and collaboration.

For further informations, you are invited to contact our provincial office team, using the contact information found below.

You may also contact your PPE Regional representative and/or PPE’s Chair of the board at any time, via our provincial office or email.

PPE Office:
435, rue Donald, bureau 204
Ottawa (ON)  K1K 4X5
Phone : (613) 791-8846
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